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在諮商前與諮商期間都是使用這個工具的理想時機,聲音模擬影片使用直接從助聽器錄製的聲音,來展示許多Primax 功能使用前與使用後的效果。這樣的成果是帶給客戶真實的聆聽體驗,並對Primax助聽器效益有更正面的認知與接受度。


  • 語音補手
  • HD 音樂
  • 回聲隔離
  • 雙耳電話


使用Pure primax™助聽器以及裝置攝影機,在影片中真實地模擬出看得到也聽得到的助聽器效果。






  • 聲音模擬影片引起人們興趣的一種很好的方式,舉例而言,廣告信件。
  • 您可以在您的網站上放置影片連結。
  • 在廣告中使用連結或是整合成QR條碼。



soundDemo Suite.

Give your customers a truly immersive live experience.

Entertaining and intimately immersive, soundDemo Suite provides customers with a deeper, more personal understanding of the benefi ts of primax hearing aids. Using either primax or soundDemo Hearing Aids after First Fit, wearers experience the benefits and advantages of the different functions and programs for themselves in the most convincing way possible.

soundDemo Suite’s sophisticated, three-dimensional sound environment creates a smart and intelligent experience for your customers. The ideal tool during the fitting process, it gives an unbiased demonstration that can achieve optimal results with customers looking for premium functionality. Demonstrations don’t get much more realistic than this.

The difference is clear to hear.

With soundDemo Suite, various hearing situations are shown that clearly demonstrate the features of primax hearing aids.

It’s the ideal way to let wearers actually hear the benefits in different environments, for example while driving, in a restaurant or listening to music.


Every hearing situation in one place.

Speech, music and background sounds are played via a DVD and 5.1 surround sound system.

Using various situations, soundDemo Suite lets the wearer experience the sound quality live as features are automatically switched on and off remotely in the hearing aids.


How to use it to enhance your workflow.

  • Features are automatically switched on and off in the hearing aids via a high frequency signal. At the same time, the features are visualized on the screen allowing the customer to understand the benefits while experiencing them at first hand.
  • Discuss the various chapters and hearing situations with your customer and let them hear them multiple times if desired.

soundDemo Hearing Aids.

The convenient and versatile solution for smoother fittings.

The perfect solution for live demonstrations, soundDemo Hearing Aids are not available for sale and intended exclusively for fitting and home trials. Based on primax hearing aids, all soundDemo Hearing Aids can be configured as 7px, 5px or 3px instruments, thus reducing stock complexity. soundDemo Hearing Aids are available as RIC and BTE models and are equipped with timers that can be adjusted for home trials of one to six weeks.

soundDemo Hearing Aids function the same way as normal primax hearing instruments allowing your customers to try out accessories and experience their full potential.

soundDemo Hearing Aids: One model, all performance levels.

Instant recognition.

soundDemo Hearing Aids are recognizable by the “sDemo” identifier in the product name on the instrument and in Connexx Eight.


Use it to your advantage.

  • One pair of hearing aids is all you need to demonstrate all performance levels.
  • Ideal as a temporary replacement during repairs.
  • Great for “bridging the gap” between ordering and delivery of the customer’s own hearing aids.

One pair of instruments, a variety of options.

Once your customer has selected a particular model, one pair is all it takes to test all performance levels. Fitting is quicker and more effective which makes soundDemo Hearing Aids ideal for home trials.

The timer function in soundDemo Hearing Aids lets you define the length of the home trial to suit your and your customer’s needs – from one to six weeks in weekly steps. At the end of the trial period, a repeating signal is heard reminding the customer to return the trial hearing aid.

With only one pair of hearing aids necessary per trial, logistic and stock requirements are implified which reduces costs while still enabling you to off er a full range of performance levels.


Swift, simple, seamless.

For you and your customers, soundDemo Hearing Aids help accelerate the fi tting process – even when changing performance levels.

Use it to your advantage.

  • Stock requirements are reduced together with complexity which all means fewer returns and
    lower costs.
  • Fine tuning settings are retained when changing performance levels for a streamlined workflow.
  • Quick and simple configuration in Connexx Eight which also lets you adjust the timer function that reminds the customer when to return the hearing aids.

Programming soundDemo Hearing Aids: Connexx Eight.

Connexx Eight is the perfect partner for confi guring soundDemo Hearing Aids. It allows you to quickly and conveniently adjust and store individual settings which are retained throughout the fitting, even when changing performance levels. Plus, it allows you to confi gure the timer configuration to set the trial duration.

At the end of the fitting process, you can effortlessly transfer the settings to your customer’s own hearing aids, reducing duplication of effort and streamlining your workflow.

Everything at a glance.


(1) Performance level selection

(2) When a soundDemo instrument is connected, an icon appears that takes you to the special soundDemo configuration page.

(3) Timer adjustment for setting trial duration

The jewel in the crown.

Unboxing: Rounding off the customer experience.

When the trial period is over and your customer has decided which solution is the best for them, their hearing aids can be ordered. The point at which they are unpacked and handed over is a precious moment for them. It represents the culmination of a process of perfection and the sense of value is increased as they see their own individually tailored hearing aids for the fi rst time. All that remains is for you to simply transfer the customer’s settings from Connexx Eight to their new hearing aids and the customer’s journey is brought to a crowning moment.

Enhancing the final moment.

The attractive jewel cases are a perfect eyecatcher when handing over the new primax hearing aids to your customer.


General recommendations and guidelines.

  • Always begin with the instrument set to 7px and then work down through the performance levels.
  • Only demonstrate performance classes in ideal sound environments. The soundDemo Suite is ideal for this.
  • Explaining to your customer that the soundDemo Hearing Aid is a 7px instrument that can be configured for 5px or 3px can help avoid misunderstandings.